Can you repair a concrete slab?

Repair methods and solutionsThe most common ways to repair a slab are filling the surface or injecting it with epoxy or polyurethane. Filling and bonding the tile with a high-strength epoxy is a great way to seal the crack. There are many different types of concrete crack repair kits. For cracks less than half an inch wide, several putty and sealant options are available.

Simply crush the crack and then use a trowel to spread the putty evenly. A caulking option will dry quickly, in a couple of hours. First, we drill the slab in key locations and insert ports into the holes. Next, we pump a polymer foam consisting of two separate liquids that combine at the injection nozzle to trigger a chemical reaction that converts the mixed ingredients into high-density expansive foam.

Repair of concrete slabs is a project that a homeowner can do with some simple tools and materials.

Successful concrete repairs

depend on whether the new patch adheres to existing concrete. This method will repair a large area of damage to a concrete slab, such as a patio, garage floor, or driveway. If you have small cracks or chips, you can repair them with a concrete patching compound or an epoxy.

The repair described below is for more extensive damage to a particular area of the slab. A visible sign of this is cracks that are displaced, with concrete on one side breaking higher than the other. The good news is that Edens Structural Solutions is Tulsa's trusted concrete foundation expert, with over 34 years of home protection experience and gives you peace of mind. Traditionally, most homeowners did not attempt any kind of repair of these non-structural imperfections, since the slab was often covered with sturdy floors or carpets.

The area should be thoroughly pressure-washed to remove all dirt, chemical residues and loose concrete from the surface of the slab. I am certainly guilty of letting concrete problems persist until a larger and more costly solution is required. Concrete contractors are often asked to address non-structural imperfections that can occur shortly after a concrete slab is laid. A professional concrete company like ours with knowledge of the Tulsa area will be able to detect the problems you have and determine if they are aesthetic, minor, serious or dangerous.

Only doing a repair will be a short-lived solution if the base is changed again, then you will need additional repairs. And since this problem will only worsen over time, it is not only important but crucial to diagnose potential damages and repair them before they put your home at risk. One type of foundation that is common in Oklahoma is the concrete slab, a 4-6 inch layer of concrete placed on sand that provides drainage. Once the offending rocks are removed, you'll want to remove any weakened concrete from the slab crust around the pop-up depression.

But with the growing interest in exposed concrete floors, many homeowners are asking contractors to turn imperfections into portable surfaces. When repairing cracks in concrete slabs, it is essential that you address the entire crack, down to the deepest parts. Anyway, if I had to demolish a house, I would be sure to hire a concrete slab sawing service, as they are equipped with the right tools and equipment. This protects the concrete and can be lifted after applying the epoxy, leaving the gloss of the concrete (or lack thereof) in the same state as it was before carrying out repairs.


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