How do you bond concrete to concrete?

Eliminates the need to roughen the surface before application. Exceeds ASTM C 1059 Type I and II performance requirements. If cold temperatures threaten to wreak havoc on your concrete repair, consider SikaLatex Concrete Bonding Adhesive. Brush, roll, or spray it onto the existing concrete surface, or use it as a substitute for water in a concrete slurry or mortar.

Alternatively, use it in a grout mix, a particularly attractive option for tile floors in unheated walk-in closets. For a concrete bonding agent that can help create a premium finished product on a variety of different concrete projects, see Quikrete's 1 Gal. There are two basic methods for attaching a portland cement-based product to existing concrete; chemically and mechanically. Despite the fact that it is possible to attach an old concrete to a new one, you need to do it in the best way to prevent any gaps or cracks from occurring.

As seen above, concrete will not adhere to another concrete material if an effective concrete adhesive is not applied. However, there are cases when you should never think twice about pouring new concrete over old concrete. When using a liquid adhesive agent, paint the adhesive onto the existing concrete and allow it to dry until it is tacky. When you put concrete on top of another layer of concrete, it will stay there as a separate layer without joining.

When patching existing concrete, here's how to achieve a strong and durable bond between new and old concrete. When you want to consider the exact thickness of your new concrete, it would be best to look at the surrounding environment where the concrete should be. Start by carefully sweeping away all loose stones and dirt and rinsing the concrete to prepare the surface. After the adhesive has become tacky, apply a scraping coat as described above and then apply the repair material.

The solution to all these problems involves a pneumatic hammer and bags of one of Sakrete's concretes. If it is a platform or slab repair, mixing concrete with an adhesive agent allows you to work quickly and form the repair on the platform. Use this product as a paint adhesive, cover the base surfaces with a spray, roller or brush before applying a new layer of concrete. A variety of concrete repair products are available to repair concrete that has started to deteriorate.

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