Should i worry about hairline cracks?

Fine cracks on walls and doors do not indicate a structural problem; they simply need to be re-glued and painted. Don't you want to do it yourself? Get free, no-obligation quotes from licensed general contractors near you. Problem cracks in walls usually begin in windows, doors or corners of the house. Usually, smaller cracks are not a cause for concern.

They are usually the result of seasonal expansion and contraction of clay soils under the house over time, and can be easily patched and repainted. Fine cracks less than one millimeter wide or small cracks between one and five millimeters are generally not a cause for concern. If you start to notice them, they can usually be filled and painted, since they are a crack in the plaster, but not in the wall itself. As a home ages, homeowners can expect normal wear and tear, including minor settlement.

When this happens, you may notice fine cracks in doors and windows. You should not worry about cracks in the walls that look like thin stripes. They are the result of the expansion and contraction of the soil under the house. However, open, horizontal or irregular cracks at a 45-degree angle can be caused by more serious problems, such as changing the base.

Before you panic, most of the cracks are harmless and occur in almost every house, even in new construction. A fine crack is simply a sign that the house is settling, which is purely cosmetic and can be easily fixed with putty and paint.

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